How Tree Cabling Helps Keep Your Tree Safe

When you think of a tree, you think of a strong lofty structure that can easily support itself without fail. Chances are you’ve never even seen one fall because of natural causes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t happen. In fact, for a lot of people it often does happen and results in some serious damage to their property as well as risk to themselves and their family.

Many solutions have been proposed to help offset this kind of situation but none are quite as effective as tree cabling. This involves adding cables and braces to provide support to a tree under potential risk. Down below we’ve outlined just how tree cabling helps keep your tree safe and secure even in the direst of situations.

How It Works:

All trees are destined to fall one day by design. When trees start out as young saplings their wide trunks provide more than adequate support but things change as they start to grow.  The larger a tree gets, it gets more and more difficult to support it on its own weight. When branches start to appear on the tree, they pull it towards multiple directions. Eventually with age, decay, or a natural disaster, the tree trunk begins to split into a U or V shape. This results in a further lack of stability causing the tree to eventually topple down with all its might.

Tree cabling involves attaching heavy braces to the tree with bolts. Sometimes cables are also used or used exclusively in place of braces. During this time any dead branches or potentially dangerous material is cleared from the tree.

When a storm occurs and heavy winds start to make the tree sway, it’s balanced by the cabling. The highly flexible steel cables absorb the impact of the winds keep the tree from tipping towards one side. By limiting movement, the stress prevented from acting on any single point on the tree. This is how tree cabling keeps your tree safe.

There are other benefits to tree cabling as well. Your tree will be able to better maintain its form and it will stay upright instead of hunching over. This will make a positive effect on the appearance of the trees in your yard.

While you’re getting your tree cabled you might also want to consider getting regular tree maintenance work done. This will help prevent any further disasters from occurring on your property. Check out the local Tree Service Pros in Frederick MD that can offer you stump removal, tree trimming, and tree removal services and can offer you these services at very reasonable rates.


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