How to Prune Your Trees for Christmas

Now that the festivities for the year are fast approaching, it’s high time to get involved in your holiday planning. This means getting your family together, buying presents, and of course, putting up your Christmas trees. But a common oversight a lot of people tend to have is not realizing the work that goes into setting up a tree. A typical Christmas tree is far from ready when you pick it up from the nursery and pre-shaped trees can easily run you off your budget. So, what is there left to do?

The simplest solution for a lot of people is pruning and dressing the tree themselves. This may seem like a daunting task at first but it’s straightforward when you get down to it. It doesn’t matter whether or not you already know how to prune your trees for Christmas. What matters is if you’re willing to put in the care and work to make that tree feel like your own.

Pruning a Christmas Tree

For most people, it’s hard to get their head around tree pruning. And admittedly, it’s not as easy as falling off a log. There’s a bit more concentrated effort involved but as long as you’re committed, it’s more than achievable. You might be wondering how to prune your trees for Christmas. We’ll make it easy for you by detailed the work in short and easy steps.

1.     Visualizing Your Design

You don’t want to be in the dark when pruning your tree. You want to make sure that you’re fully aware of what kind of design you want to go for. Try to imagine what shape and size of your tree should be so that it is to your liking. This will help you reach your end goals properly.

2.     Pick the Right Tree

There’s no use getting a large tree if you only want to whack it down to a smaller size. Try to pick a tree that already closely matches your finished product. This will result in less time and effort spent on your pruning process and will help keep your expenses down.

3.     Consider the Dimensions

When pruning a Christmas tree, you want to take its dimensions into consideration. This means measuring the height and width of the tree to make sure it fits in your home or yard. You don’t want the tree top hitting the ceiling and you don’t want the branches spreading out unevenly.

4.     Work from the Bottom Up

Start by sawing the trunk to reduce the tree height to your desired length. Cutting the base is essential to tree pruning even if you don’t want your height reduced as it can help the tree absorb moisture.

5.     Prune Away Undesired Branches

You can now start working at dead and dry branches that stick out from the rest of the tree. Proceed with care to avoid and take your time to prevent any mishaps.

6.     Trim the Top

Finish the job off by trimming the top of the tree until you’re satisfied with the shape. You might also want to shorten live branches to concentrate the shape of the top better. Once you’re finished, stand back and admire your handiwork.

And there you have it, a simple guide to pruning your own trees for Christmas. If you plan on keeping your trees outside, you might want to consider investing in a decent tree removal, stump removal, and tree trimming service. These services can help with anything from clearing away dead debris from your yard or helping with tree care. Winter months are especially harsh on trees and it’s easy to see your Christmas tree soiled by the elements.

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