About Us

We are Tree Service Pros of Frederick MD and our specialty is handling all kinds of tree service for our customers at reasonable rates. Our team consists some of the best seasoned professionals that have worked various tree care jobs. Through our premier resources and our endless desire to please our clients, we will provide you with the best tree service in Fredrick MD. Whether you’re looking for tree care or removal, we take care of everything. There’s nothing about us that you can’t trust because we’re here to make sure you’re fully satisfied with our services.

For more information about us, you can check our contact page or read below for the various services we provide.

Our Services: 

We offer multiple different services as one of the best tree service in Frederick MD. Our packages provide anything from a simple tree trimming, to stump removal, and tree removal in Frederick MD. We adjust rates according to your desired service. At the same time, we make sure you get the best deal and value for money possible.

Here’s what you can find with our services:

Tree Trimming:

This service involves surface level trimming of trees from obstructing leaves and other kinds of outgrowth.

Tree Pruning:

Pruning involves shaping of the tree including removal of branches, dead and decaying parts as well as general cleanup.

Tree Removal:

This service entails the removal of entire trees especially ones that are dead or decaying.

Tree Stump Removal:

Tree stump removal involves removing the leftover tree trump from tree removal. Here the stump can either be ground down or removed in its entirety from the ground.

We offer our services to:

  • Residential Clients
  • Commercial Clients
  • Municipalities
  • Construction Clients

We cater towards all kinds of clients and jobs. If you can think it, we can do it - whether it’s upkeep or removal, we have the tools, we have the team, and we have the drive to perform the most outstanding job possible. Here at Tree Service Pros of Frederick MD, your needs are our needs.