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Tree Services in Frederick MD

If you’re looking for tree services, you might be wondering what the local Frederick tree company can do for you. There are a lot of services that can generally be found in the area. Generally local services tend to include tree trimming, stump removal, and tree removal. These services are offered at different rates from the local arborists and can take varying lengths of time to complete.

What to Expect from a Tree Pruning Job

Generally, people tend to be curious about what goes into a typical tree pruning job. We value our customers’ interest in our work and we strive to be as transparent as possible. This is why we’re willing to do what most companies won’t; we’ll lay down out ins and outs of the job. That way, you can be the judge on how good of a job we did without any professional knowledge. Here’s what you can expect from a basic tree pruning job.

 Surface Cleaning

This step involves clearing out the obvious growths first and foremost. This is where dead and decaying branches, leaves, waterspouts and other decaying outgrowths are cleared away. It’s a suitable step for trees that are otherwise well maintained but lack that necessary care.

Crown Elevation

In this step, low hanging and dangling branches are cleared away from the bottom. The reason for doing this is to provide clearance for the area below.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction helps keeps the tree size and form under control. You can choose to alter the height of the tree or how far it’s branches spread. This process is done on a specie to specie basis as not all trees can withstand high levels of pruning.

Hazardous Reduction Pruning

HRP is more of a precautionary method of pruning. This is where decaying and nearly dead branches are cleared away before they can cause any damage. The service helps clear away branches that pose damage to your property or any people in your house. This is generally done by a trained and seasoned arborist.

What to Expect from a Tree Removal Job

You might also be wondering what entails a typical tree removal job. Any tree service professional will tell you that tree removal isn’t so much a singular job as it many jobs under one umbrella. So, what goes into a tree removal in Frederick MD? Let’s find out.

Tree Removal with Low Cut Stump

This is one of the most requested tree removal services. It involves cutting down a tree as low as possible to a stump that can be managed easily without risk to the premises or equipment.

Tree Removal with Grinding Stump

This service involves removing the tree down to a low-cut stump and then grinding it. The main area of the stump and the surrounding surface branches are all ground down to specifications. This helps keep the stump away from view without uprooting it.

Complete Tree Removal

This service provides the entire package where the tree is cut down, the stump is ground and then fully removed. Any trace of the tree is removed from sight and you have the entire ground level to yourself.

Tree Takedown without Removal

If you want your tree to be cut down but don’t want it to be taken away, this service is for you. The tree will be cut down and moved to any spot on the property.

Common Tree Types in Frederick

Knowing the type of trees you have in your yard will help you understand what kind of services will be suitable for your needs. Here are some of the most common tree types that are found in Frederick MD.

White Oak: Generally, a very large tree that grows up to 100 feet. These trees can live for more than 300 years and are considered a secure species.

Bitternut Hickories: These are found near damp areas like riverbanks. They’re one of the shortest living hickories managing to survive only 200 years.

Shagbark Hickories: This deciduous tree lives up to 350 years and can be recognized for its distinctive “shaggy” bark.

 Norway Maple: This invasive species is not native to Fredrick and was brought over to America as a shade tree in the mid-1700s. These trees generally grow close to the surface, starving other plants for moisture.